Turf Varieties

The Sunshine Coast Turf Farm with the Best Varieties

From our Sunshine Coast turf farm, I Love Turf supplies clients across Queensland with a broad selection of popular turf varieties, each of which has their own unique qualities. Turf varieties include Zoysia Nara Native turf, Sir Walter, Aussiblue, Queensland Blue Couch, Wintergreen, and more. Please take the time to view the turf varieties below and don’t hesitate to enquire if there is a variety you are interested in that is not listed.

nara zoysia


  • Australia’s only true native turf
  • Native turf requiring less fertilizer and nurturing
  • Drought tolerant grass
  • Salt tolerant (Ideal for coastal planting such as the Sunshine Coast)
  • Highly pest and disease resistant
  • Tough, high wearing, low maintenance grass
Sir Walter Buffalo Turf


  • Lush growth
  • Grows in heavy shade and full sun
  • Repairs well from wear damage
  • Weed resistant
  • Pest resistant
Aussiblue turf


  • Aussiblue is a swazi grass
  • Soft, fine blue leaf
  • Perennial
  • Generates a soft lawn
  • Low maintenance/low traffic lawn
  • More vigorous than Queensland blue
  • Disease resistant, highly competitive against foreign grasses
  • Full sun to partial shade
Qld blue couch turf


  • Thrives in Queensland’s harsh environment (Sub tropical/tropical)
  • Extremely drought tolerant
  • Recovers well from dry spells
  • Fine textured, deep blue/green leaf
  • Slow growth habit with minimal thatch
  • Full sun, medium traffic grass
  • High maintenance can bring about a prestigious look
  • Less invasive than green couch
Stadium sports couch turf sunshine coast


Stadium® has been bred exclusively to suit sporting venues. It has good density for sports fields and golf courses without massive thatch problems that hurt the performance of other couches in warm climates. Although it has good density, Stadium Couch is a low to moderate thatch Couch unlike highly thatch prone Couch varieties.

  • Good density sports couch
  • Good for warmer climates with no major thatch issues
  • Very little seed head production
Wintergreen turf sunshine coast


  • Hybrid couch
  • Family economical turf
  • Suited to South East Queensland climate
  • Soft, fine-leaf, full sun grass
  • It has an evergreen appearance all year round
  • Winter green can tolerate high amounts of traffic
  • Repairs quickly when damaged
  • Responds quickly to rainfall and a bit of love
Zoysia empire turf sunshine coast


  • Low maintenance (Less watering and mowing)
  • High wear tolerance
  • Thrives in extreme heat and humidity
  • Can withstand medium shade
  • Can outcompete weeds once established
  • Keeps a good winter colour
  • Fine soft leaf
  • Grows Australia wide

We can supply and lay beautiful, high-quality turf for you at your home, place of business or development project.

Our enthusiastic turf experts are always happy to advise you on the turf varieties we supply to help you select the perfect grass for your local environment, the area in which it will be laid, and the purpose for which it’s used, whether that’s a school sports oval, playground, domestic lawn, golf course, airport, public parklands or any other application.

Whether you’re after a drought-resistant variety for a sun-parched location, a soft-textured turf variety perfect for children playing outdoors, or something that can handle frost, we’re here to help you understand which of the turf varieties we supply best meets your requirements.

As turf supply specialists for Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and throughout Queensland, I Love Turf is perfectly positioned to supply you with premium-quality turf that enhances the aesthetic appeal and functionality for your front or back yard, business premises, private or public development.