I Love Turf provides a range of turf related services for civil and commercial clients, as well as for residential customers. We are always on hand to advise and help our clients in any way we can.

Turf Supply and Installation

I Love Turf grows, harvests, transports and lay our own turf fresh for commercial and residential clients. Wherever your location and the variety of turf desired, whether that’s Queensland Blue Couch, a drought-tolerant grass perfect for the hot and harsh weather here in the Sunshine State, or AussiBlue, with its soft, fine blue leaf that’s perfect for residential lawns, or any of our other turf varieties, we can supply, transport and lay a beautiful lawn for you that’s ideal for your property, as well as your specific usage and maintenance requirements.

Sunshine Coast Turf Supplier

Site Prep / Earthmoving

Proper site preparation is a critically important part of the process of new turf installation. Whether its removing old turf, clearing an area full of weeds or even if there is a blank dirt area, the area still needs to be prepared properly before laying new turf.

Not only do the correct ground levels need to be set to ensure a flat surface finish and proper drainage can take place, but the ground also needs to be properly primed in readiness for the turf to take hold in the soil and thrive. As we own and operate our own earthmoving equipment, I Love Turf is able to provide earthmoving and site preparation services for all our clients, getting the hard work done easily and in a timely manner to maximise cost-effectiveness, making the overall project more affordable. What’s more, we also supply high-quality under-turf blends such as topsoil, deco and sand.

Sunshine coast turf preparation

Lawn Aftercare

Aeration, Top dressing, Lawn Care products and more

I Love Turf can provide you with the lawn aftercare advice and assistance you need to get your grass established quickly and keep it healthy. We can provide specialist turf aftercare services such as Aeration and Top Dressing. We also sell a select range of top end lawn care products. One product example being soluble fertilisers, which improve the health of your lawn by reducing your overall maintenance costs through the promotion of better nutrient holding capacity and increasing the ability of your grass to resist disease and pest attacks. Whatever issues you have with your lawn, whether that’s preventing lawn diseases, treating lawn burn, dealing with lawn wear and tear, or improving lawn drainage, we’re here to assist you in any way that we can.

Sunshine coast turf lawn aftercare