I Love Turf is here to help you which a wide range of turf and related services such as lawn consultation, site preparation, turf supply and laying, lawn aftercare, landscaping, landscape supplies, earthmoving, and much more. We provide a comprehensive range of turf related services to clients across Queensland and our experts are on hand to advise you on how to create and maintain a beautiful lawn, one which enhances the aesthetic appeal, functionality and value of your property.

We offer the following Turf and Related Services

Lawn Consultation

Need site-planning advice?
Don’t know which grass is right for your property?

A beautiful lawn begins with expert lawn consultation, so let us help you choose the best turf variety to suit the conditions of your property by taking into account the climate, position, traffic, use of the space and, of course, the desired finish that you’re aiming for. As one of the leading providers of premium-quality turf in Brisbane and the greater South East Queensland, we supply an outstanding range of turf varieties to suit all environments and applications.

Sunshine coast turf consultation

Site Preparation

The importance of proper site preparation can’t be underestimated if your newly laid turf is to provide you with an attractive, healthy lawn that lasts a lifetime. Not only do the correct ground levels need to be set to ensure a flat surface finish and so that proper drainage can take place, but the ground also needs to be properly primed in readiness for the turf to take hold in the soil and thrive. As we own and operate our own earthmoving equipment, I Love Turf is able to provide earthmoving and site preparation services for all our clients, getting the hard work done easily and in a timely manner to maximise cost-effectiveness, making the overall project more affordable. What’s more, we also supply high-quality under-turf blends such as topsoil, deco and sand.

Sunshine coast turf preparation

Turf supply and laying

We grow, harvest, transport and lay our own turf fresh for commercial and residential clients. Wherever your location and the variety of turf desired, whether that’s Queensland Blue Couch, a drought-tolerant grass perfect for the hot and harsh weather here in the Sunshine State, or AussiBlue, with its soft, fine blue leaf that’s perfect for residential lawns, or any of our other turf varieties, we can supply, transport and lay a beautiful lawn for you that’s ideal for your property, as well as your specific usage and maintenance requirements.

Sunshine coast turf laying

Lawn aftercare and advice

In addition to our lawn consultation services, the lawn specialists at I Love Turf can provide you with all the advice you need to get your grass established quickly and make it thrive. We can advise you on lawn care products, like soluble fertilisers which improve the health of your lawn and reduce your overall maintenance costs by promoting better nutrition holding capacity and increasing the ability of your grass to resist disease and pest attacks. Whatever issues you have with your lawn, whether that’s preventing lawn diseases, treating lawn burn, dealing with lawn wear and tear, or improving lawn drainage, we’re here to assist you in any way that we can.

Sunshine coast turf lawn aftercare

Water solutions

Working together with our experienced water carriage partners, we can offer a one-off or on going maintenance program, which includes hand watering of lawns and surfaces to boost hydration.
We have truck deliveries available with a maximum capacity of up to 13,000L and also offer underground or above ground irrigation systems. Other water related services are available such professional water cleaning services for commercial and residential clients.

Sunshine coast turf watering lawn

Stolonising for Sports Fields and Race Courses

Stolonising is a cost effective method of producing a lush turf surface for larger areas. The process involves site preparation, application of fertilisers as a pre-plant base and the planting of SOD at approximately 5% of area, which can be increased to fit timeframes. Management of pre and post emergent herbicides and irrigation is also a significant part of the process.

Sunshine coast turf sports fields


We have our own equipment and experienced operators that enable us to offer professional earthmoving services for residential customers as well as undertake large-scale projects, like housing developments, public parks and sports fields. We’re also available for subcontracted earthmoving work if the job is right. Talk to us today about your earthmoving project.

Sunshine coast landscaping services

Landscape supplies

Need landscape supplies?
We’ve got it covered. We supply a wide range of quality mulch, rocks, sand, topsoil, deco and other landscape supplies to help you develop and maintain the perfect outdoor space. Our landscape specialists are always happy to provide you with free advice.

Sunshine coast landscape supplies


Looking for landscaping services in Queensland?
I Love Turf works with certified landscaping contractors that can undertake projects of any size, from small residential to large-scale commercial projects. Whether you require turf supplied and laid, landscaped gardens, rock walls, retaining walls, paving, outdoor decks, pergola’s, water features, garden irrigation, water tanks or any other landscape related service, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the team to learn more about the professional landscaping services that we can help facilitate.

Sunshine coast landscaping services
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