Sunshine Coast Turf Supplier

I Love Turf is a local Sunshine Coast Turf Grower. We supply turf to the entire Sunshine Coast region and Greater Brisbane.

We are also able to supply turf for larger projects to Gold Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Darling Downs, Wide Bay, and further beyond to areas in regional Queensland and New South Wales.

Turf varieties we supply

Nara Turf Sunshine coast


  • Australia’s only true native turf
  • Native turf requiring less fertilizer and nurturing
  • Drought tolerant grass
  • Salt tolerant (Ideal for coastal planting such as the Sunshine Coast)
  • Highly pest and disease resistant
  • Tough, high wearing, low maintenance grass
Zoysia empire turf sunshine coast


  • Low maintenance (Less watering and mowing)
  • High wear tolerance
  • Thrives in extreme heat and humidity
  • Can withstand medium shade
  • Can outcompete weeds once established
  • Keeps a good winter colour
  • Fine soft leaf
  • Grows Australia wide
augusta turf

Augusta® Zoysia

  • High shade tolerance
  • Very high drought tolerance
  • Very low maintenance – less watering, mowing and fertiliser
  • High wear tolerance
  • Fine leaf textured making it soft under foot
  • Eye-catching dark green colour
  • High salt tolerance
  • Produces little seed head (a common irritant for people with allergies)
palmetto turf

Palmetto® Buffalo

  • High shade tolerance
  • Low maintenance
  • High wear tolerance
  • Excellent winter-green colour
  • Broad leaf and soft to touch
  • Produces low seed head (common irritant to people with allergies)
buffalo turf


  • Lush growth
  • Grows in heavy shade and full sun
  • Repairs well from wear damage
  • Weed resistant
  • Pest resistant
Qld blue couch turf


  • Thrives in Queensland’s harsh environment (Sub tropical/tropical)
  • Extremely drought tolerant
  • Recovers well from dry spells
  • Fine textured, deep blue/green leaf
  • Slow growth habit with minimal thatch
  • Full sun, medium traffic grass
  • High maintenance can bring about a prestigious look
  • Less invasive than green couch
Aussiblue turf


  • Aussiblue is a swazi grass
  • Soft, fine blue leaf
  • Perennial
  • Generates a soft lawn
  • Low maintenance/low traffic lawn
  • More vigorous than Queensland blue
  • Disease resistant, highly competitive against foreign grasses
  • Full sun to partial shade
Wintergreen turf sunshine coast


  • Hybrid couch
  • Family economical turf
  • Suited to South East Queensland climate
  • Soft, fine-leaf, full sun grass
  • It has an evergreen appearance all year round
  • Winter green can tolerate high amounts of traffic
  • Repairs quickly when damaged
  • Responds quickly to rainfall and a bit of love

I Love Turf has a broad range of turf varieties available, each of which has their own unique qualities that may make them a better choice than others depending on a variety of factors. Therefore, before you buy turf, there are several things that you need to take into consideration.

For example, do you need a grass that’s drought tolerant or one that can handle frost, will the turf be laid in an area with high or low traffic, is it for a temperate, subtropical or tropical climate, or is there a certain grass colour or texture that you would like? Would you like native turf? Our company has some of the leading lawn consultation experts from the Australian turf industry on hand to provide you with the right advice and help you select the perfect turf variety.

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I Love Turf supplies quality lawn care products to keep your lawn healthy and in a beautiful condition, all throughout the year. As one of the leading providers of turf and related services for Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and greater South East Queensland, we have an excellent selection of premium-quality products for you to select from and our lawn care experts are always on hand to provide you with informed advice and help you understand which of the products we supply best suits your specific requirements.