Winter Fertiliser Trials: Preliminary Update

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Winter Fertiliser Trials: Preliminary Update


According to preliminary results below from the 2012 Winter Fertiliser trials at Ozbreed, winter may be the most important time of year to fertilise for a green winter lawn. Autumn fertilising has always been recommended for a greener lawn in winter, and so far combined with winter fertilising, it is showing much better results for a greener lawn in winter.

Nara Native Turf responded the best to an application of winter fertiliser with a 2.25 rating rise compared to only an autumn application. It was also one of the best rated varieties with a winter fertiliser application, including Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo and Kenda Kikuyu.

The full report will be finished and posted here in spring.

Winter Fertilising Ratings: 31.07.12

Note: all plots below were fertilised in autumn with slow release fertiliser. The ones also fertilised in winter were at a heavy rate with the slow release fertiliser Elevate NPK:24-1-10 (500ml per half plot, 1000ml per full plot)

Variety name Average rating /10
Autumn fertiliser only
Winter and autumn fertiliser
Sapphire 6.5 8
Kenda 6.75 7.5
Nara 4.75 7
Palmetto 5.75 6.5
Sir Walter 3.25 6
Kings Pride 3 6
Village Green 3.25 5.5
Noonan 4.25 5.5
Matilda 1.75 5
Empire 5 4.5
Grand Prix 2.25 2
Legend 1.5 2
Stadium 1.5 1.5
Rileys Evergeen 1.5 1.5
Rileys Super-sports 1.5 1.5