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I Love Turf supplies quality lawn care products to keep your lawn healthy and in a beautiful condition, all throughout the year. As one of the leading providers of turf and related services for Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and greater South East Queensland, we have an excellent selection of premium-quality products for you to select from and our lawn care experts are always on hand to provide you with informed advice and help you understand which of the products we supply best suits your specific requirements.

lawn grub

Lawn Grub Information Sheet

Disease & Pests
Army Worm: Lawn Armyworm (Spodoptera maurita) are a major pest during summer and autumn, causing severe damage to turf grass surfaces where they attack leaves, stems and seed heads. Infestations…
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lawn mowing tips

Lawn Mowing Tips

There is a lot more to mowing your lawn than just pushing your mower. You need to get the height right in sun and shade, as well as removing just…
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Weed Control Fact

Weed Control Fact Sheet

The best two ways to prevent weeds is to mow regularly and choose a lawn like Buffalo or Zoysia that competes well with weeds. Broad leaf weeds have broad generally…
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